About Us

Indian Journal of Corporate Law and Policy is a double-blind peer-reviewed, Triannual Journal. It is published by the Society for Progress in Research, Education and Development in Law (SPRED LAW) which is registered under The Societies Act, 1860 (Reg. No. LUC/09322/2019-2020). 

The Journal aims at providing in-depth coverage of the corporate legal issues and policy reviews in India. It focuses on supplementing the corporate structure of India with the best quality reviewed research papers, researched articles, policy reviews, and researched blogs by students, academicians, research scholars, and practitioners which will be published after a double-blind peer review policy by the specific departmental field experts.


The journal aims to cover different areas of Corporate Law which will include the following:


Indian Journal of Corporate Law and Policy (IJCLP) also provides extra assistance to the viewers by providing the “ ASK YOUR QUESTION “ section on the website through which a viewer can ask any question related to corporate law which will be answered by the field experts having best of practical knowledge.